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How do I #MakeItVIRAL?

The internet is a ferocious tool for promoting music, but do you ever feel like there is too much noise?

Here’s our take on how you can stand out when you decide to submit your music to radio stations…

When submitting music to radio/media make sure that you include a copy of the track you’re trying to promote – and keep it simple; include one or two tracks rather than your whole back catalogue!

Include information about yourself including recent acheivements, and upcoming events and make sure there are links to your social media. Use bullet points for this to avoid writing an entire story!

Network, network, network.

The importance of networking should not be underestimated. You will be noticed for being a strong participant in online networking events.

Have a strong brand

Use your social media and other online platforms to create a brand for yourself. As corporate as that may sound, it’s important that information about you is easily accesible to any media platform who may want to promote you.


If you have submitted your music to a radio station,¬†participate in their shows. This isn’t always easy, but try to show up when you can and let them know you’re listening in and enjoying the other music. You will find that once you connect with one or two artists or stations that way, they will start promoting you in return.



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