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Chocolate Cake Swimmin Retreat Pack Of Lies Jake Lewis Idols Chris Blackwood The Quiet Elude Fjokra Bang On The Door Laptop Phillarmonic Macroscope Zepher Sunshine Meadows Carrickfergus Kairos The Suit Life Shay_UFO Keep It Movin Kit Walker Mr Wright Bailey James Run Girl Reece Lemonius Love Me Sennid Irie With You Modern Day Outlaw Movin […]

Great news! You can now listen back to all of the interviews we have done on the VIRAL show on the “Podcast” page of this website! We will be adding all of the interviews we do on the show on there, so be sure to keep checking back!

So for the first time ever – we handed over control of who gets “heavy rotation” on Limehead Radio to you – and we’re very impressed to say that by a long way the winner was Jonathan Vautour of Edmonton, Alberta! Jonathans track “Monday” will be added in to the main playlist on Tuesday evening […]

You now have the power to vote to hear your favourite music on Limehead Radio even more often! We are now giving you the opportunity to decide what goes into “Heavy Rotation” in July – just by answering a simple poll! Head over to the Voting Page and choose your favourite track now!

Listen below!

We are very excited to announce that we’ve given Playback a little bit of a refurb.. This Saturday from 6pm, Charley Cullen will be bringing us her favourite album of all time, Radiohead – OK computer. SET YOUR REMINDERS NOW, and join us on Saturday from 6pm for¬†what is going to be a very awesome […]

On this Wednesdays live VIRAL show we added the (Iam)warface track “Say my Name” into the playlist for the show. These guys are currently raising money via their Indiegogo campaign for their new music video, and we would urge you to support these guys because we have no doubt that they are only going to […]

We interviewed Scott Patterson from SMITHRADIO and you can hear it being broadcast on 11th March in full below:

I’m sure someone mentioned it somewhere down the line…

Earlier this week we proudly announced that we will be airing an interview with Scott Patterson from SMITHRADIO¬†and we can now announce that we will be playing out the interview in full on 17th March 2017 to coincide with the release of SMITHRADIOs next single “Forgotten Hero”. We will be airing a short preview of […]



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