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Wow, what an amazing interview. If you’re a music maker, or even a fan of music this interview is a truly insightful listen.

September was another great month for music at Limehead Radio and our #VIRAL playlist was updated with the following tracks this month: Harry Court Familiar Emily Ewing Our Love Robert Lansche ft Oscar Guerrero Mesmerized Eliza Sayers Pillar of Salt DIDI Back Off Sweet Gum Tree The Gift Kwame Remember my Name Twister 64 White […]

October will be a really cool month here at Limehead Radio! We have lots of very cool content coming for the radio shows, and plenty of new collaborations with our mates over at Starlight Music Chronicles. Below we’ve listed some of the highlights, but please follow our socials (links at top of page) for full […]

Hands of Elohim Master As December Falls Keep Dreaming Ghosts Of Social Networks If This Isn’t Love The Puss Puss Band Alone New Element Music Milestone Big V ft. Breana Marin 24/7 feat. Breana Marin Austin Poe Soul Flow Chris Burke Again Cat Lundy Triggerman

Wow! What a win. After a fiercely fought competition over the final 2 weeks of July the boys of Erica can now proudly say that thanks to their devoted fans they are going to be in Heavy Rotation during August! If you’re making music and you would like it to be considered for this – […]

Chocolate Cake Swimmin Retreat Pack Of Lies Jake Lewis Idols Chris Blackwood The Quiet Elude Fjokra Bang On The Door Laptop Phillarmonic Macroscope Zepher Sunshine Meadows Carrickfergus Kairos The Suit Life Shay_UFO Keep It Movin Kit Walker Mr Wright Bailey James Run Girl Reece Lemonius Love Me Sennid Irie With You Modern Day Outlaw Movin […]

Great news! You can now listen back to all of the interviews we have done on the VIRAL show on the “Podcast” page of this website! We will be adding all of the interviews we do on the show on there, so be sure to keep checking back!

So for the first time ever – we handed over control of who gets “heavy rotation” on Limehead Radio to you – and we’re very impressed to say that by a long way the winner was Jonathan Vautour of Edmonton, Alberta! Jonathans track “Monday” will be added in to the main playlist on Tuesday evening […]

You now have the power to vote to hear your favourite music on Limehead Radio even more often! We are now giving you the opportunity to decide what goes into “Heavy Rotation” in July – just by answering a simple poll! Head over to the Voting Page and choose your favourite track now!

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