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VOTE NOW for Household Dogs to go #VIRAL on Limehead Radio in March!

We were recently fortunate enough to catch up with Bowling For Soup before their UK Get Happy Tour. Jaret & Erik had a chat with us and then played a couple of tracks live for us! Watch below!

That’s right – we interviewed legendary Texas punk rock band Bowling For Soup ahead of their UK “Get Happy Tour”. Jaret & Erik talk making the video for Catalyst, social media, being an unsigned artist/band, and hear them playing two songs acoustically for us tomorrow (Monday 10th February) from 7pm on #VIRAL. The interview will […]

Well, we can confirm that we’ve got a very cool interview coming in the next few days on Limehead Radio. We were very privileged to be able to speak to this band today, and we are excited to share it with you! Keep an eye on our socials, and website for more news over the […]

Let’s start with the bad news, our friend and fellow broadcaster Candice Anne Marshall will no longer be appearing on Limehead Radio! I know right! Well, it’s not all bad news – we’re pleased to tell you that Candice will still be publishing some of the most incredible interviews imaginable over on her own platforms. […]

EARWORM ALERT You did it folks- you made it through January! Suffice to say, January has been anything but dull for the Limehead Crew. We have had the pleasure of pouring through some fantastic submissions and we are delighted to confirm that the below tracks dropped into our playlist last month. BOOM. Bring on February! […]

It was announced earlier today that Dalton Woodward, of Erica has recorded a duet with fellow Gloucestershire artist Sophie Cotterell – to be released in the coming days. Dalton released a teaser clip (seen below) on his Facebook page earlier today, giving a short preview of the song and the upcoming music video. On his […]

What a deserving winner! A social media machine, Jasmine has been all over her socials over the last two weeks – emulating what lead to the success of Erica the last time we ran this competition – and absolutely smashing it! Not only that, but an all round lovely lady and incredibly talented musician – […]

If we thought Candice was coming back last week with a smack, bang, and a wallop – we had no idea what was coming this week! This coming Thursday 25th January¬†Candice Anne Marshall¬†is interviewing the legendary music producer Stuart Epps. They will be chatting about his career working with Elton John, Jimmy Page (Led Zeppilin), […]

Wow, a huge thanks to everyone who took part & listened to our first ever #IndustryInsider on #VIRAL, and a MASSIVE thanks to Emma Scott for lending her time to give us the benefit of her experience in the music industry! We have plenty more very cool industry insiders in forthcoming shows, so we decided […]



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