Erica – Lakefest.

Written by on August 16, 2018

Wow, what an experience.

We’ve seen Erica live before and met the crew, but to see them perform on a big stage in front of a big crowd absolutely blew me away.


Saturday 11th August, 2018. Rachael is asleep in my living room and I’m frantically packing photography and audio recording equipment. We were typically unprepared for this event, despite knowing about it months in advance. We’ve got to pack the car with essential supplies and get over to Lakefest by late morning. We were supposed to arrive early but that was never really going to happen. Rachael and I went to the supermarket the evening before to buy supplies, and all we managed to come back with was a 12 pack of Walkers crisps and a 6 pack of sausage rolls, coupled with bananas and grapes as side snacks. As it happens, we forgot to take the only part of the food supplies we were looking forward to, our beloved sausage rolls.

We eventually hit the road, with a sense of real excitement. The last time we saw Erica, we felt as though we’d been adopted into a loving family. We had been immediately greeted with love and open arms back in October at Mayorfest in Cheltenham from every single person we spoke to – so this was a feeling like going home for Christmas, where the family were all waiting for us.

Several carpool karaoke moments, and a trip to Morrisons (now renamed Morrinog due to a mishear) later we arrived at Eastnor Castle Deer Park, which I must say was like stepping into another world.

Watching Erica play the main stage at a festival was the highlight of doing LIMEHEAD for me. Those guys have been so incredibly warm and friendly to everyone who gets on board the Erica bus (sometimes literally, also referred to as the Granny Van). They absolutely nailed it, from song to song, even with some emotional covers in there and the crowd absolutely lapped it up. I can honestly say there were as many people there watching Erica as there were watching the headliners.

What an opportunity, we are so very grateful to the whole crew – and look forward to many more awesome gigs in the future.

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