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Written by on March 31, 2018

The month of March was unlike any other at Limehead with equipment upgrades, technical … well… god knows … issues (Mark shouldn’t play with equipment alone – Kev to the rescue), snow, new desk (furniture), collaboration requests, new goals, a pink couch and more snow. We became lost in all the goings on in the background we all felt a little out of focus.

Now we are coming towards the end of March and as I type this, with snow falling outside, again, Mark and I are pulling our occasional … well more than occasional …weekend stints. I book time off work and live in the studio with Mark for the weekend. He does occasionally leave to do the day job but as soon as his feet hit that welcome mat he is straight back to it.

With the right water to coffee ratio and Dairylea Dunkers “Jumbo Tubes” ready (thanks to Rachael I am now addicted), Mark and I continue to work and plan ahead.

So in February the #GoingViral process began, Mark creates a poll online, Rachael adds a band, I add a band and the 6 of us cast our vote. Three were chosen out of the 5 we had whittled it down to, Jules Rendell, Household Dogs and Lanterns. Mark is the only one who keeps tabs on the tally and he is surprisingly good at keeping secrets.

It was announced that Lanterns became our #GoingViral winner for March.

Lanterns are a trio from Lancashire, North West England with Dominic on Vocals and guitar, Owen on drums and Conor Mooring on bass (previously Kris Perry until early 2018). They describe themselves as a vivacious 3 piece influenced by 80’s jazz / pop providing you with a nostalgic feel and with a dreamy frequency and I am inclined to agree with that description.

Whilst sat on ”The Pink Couch” with my laptop table in front of me and Mark at the big desk I am sat listening to Lanterns’ EP “Chrysalis” on Spotify.

I decided then that I would write about it, even though we have never written a piece like this on Limehead and, well, I have never written such a piece.

The “Chrysalis” EP is available on both Spotify and SoundCloud so however you prefer to listen to music – Lanterns have made it work for you.

As the snow falls to the ground I put in my noise cancelling headphones in and let the EP play.

The first track is entitled “You“. On a cold but bright morning, setting off early this is the track you want playing, with its up-beat riffs, solid bass and the ride of the drums just tapping through you can’t help but feel, as you breathe in and out, the irresistible need to let your body cruise to the sound. Lyrics ring in the air and take you on your journey.

“So far from home my mind is on its own”

Like a lot of us, I usually leave music playing in the background to keep my mind focused. As  I type, the beat moves in sync with my hands and disappears. One track after the other they usually just blend into noise.

“Candle Light”, the next track on the EP swiftly became a favourite. This trios timing is impeccable throwing pauses when you least expect it like a traffic light change, it causes you to respond to it.

The track starts and stops in the same way a naked flame of a candle whips, holds and moves once again, erratically. Fitting, given the tracks title.

“don’t wake me up I can’t bare to look at myself

“find your own self loathing is killing from inside”

As I work away, their music – unlike most, did not disappear but in fact kept me focused on it and my work simultaneously and I was still at ease listening to it.

Then came “Follow“.
Follow” is in our heavy rotation. I have heard it countless times and each time it does not bore me. When I am at my day job typing furiously, this track creeps out of my speakers on my computer and I am thankful for the distraction. With the synth piping up subtly it gives the track an extra layer, like chocolate sprinkles on a cappuccino, it just binds it all together.

Whilst I type, Mark is hammering on his Keyboard trying to test settings, with the occasional expletive deleted. The drums of the fourth track “Feelin Fine” beats in my ears. Rhythmic.

“there is something buried deep down inside can’t decide”

At 2:09 a cord rings in the air and you slip thinking it’s the end of the track and wait for the next to kick in. Then Dominic, with a wobble in his voice delivers the words “there is something buried deep down inside can’t decide” – I feel them vibrate through the speakers. Like a clap in an empty room the vocals shake the air and I realised this is the same track. The trio had managed to make me stop long enough that I became lost in the track itself.

The bass in the background with a distorted ring brings out a raw sound which I didn’t even realise was there with the guitar strumming away to the same rhythm and ending perfectly with the piano.

Finally, “Wanted You”. Subtle and clear.

The vocals standing tall with the instruments simply hugging and coating it like fog in a wood, fitting in every part of it. Much slower than all the other tracks but again this trio does this with such ease it fits well with the EP. As the track plays this fog swiftly morphs into a blustering wind picking up the vocals like the leaves of the trees it so delicately moved around now charging through the speakers, running almost.

With the bass dropping those high notes at the right tone and the drive of that crash it gives “Wanted You” the depth that the lyrics demand of them.

I sat back for a moment and contemplated what I had listened to and reflected.

I then headed to the YouTube and watched “Violet”.

Visually, beautiful the use of nature in its purist form and showing such isolation and solitude gives weight to the track itself.  The sense of drifting away is apparent within the video and the lyrics and making my paragraph above so apt I realised that despite listening / watching to these separately.

The video of “Violet” ends with have a great day and after watching it and having listened to the EP it is hard not to.

As you move throughout the album it feels natural, like waves moving back, forth, out of time but in harmony and grabbing you when you least expect it. The trios timing is impeccable with the ability to bring build-ups like an EDM track with the smooth transition from one cord to another then a pause. Time Change. Rising again.

Dominic with his distinct voice, Owen bringing you the subtle and then punching beats and Kris with the bass that pulls the track to a different direction it gives the Lanterns a distinctive melodic and harmonic sound unlike any other that we have had on Limehead.

We know the boys are working hard in the studio with new bassist Conor to bring something extra, but in the meantime I would highly check out their EP now.

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